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Business name: Sweet Little You 

Plan completed by : Danielle Oliver

ABN :74 497 057 106

Date reviewed 20/10/20

This plan applies to outdoor photography for professional photographers undertaking paid services only. Services must operate with up to 5 people where physical distancing can be maintained at all times.

The photographer providing the service must be a registered business with an ABN.

I’m protecting my clients and our community by following a COVID-Safe plan in Melbourne & Victoria. I will be following current safe hygiene procedures and following current risk reduction plans. As a permitted worker as of 19.10.2020 by the Victorian Government, I am allowed to work in Melbourne and Regional Victoria and I will be carrying my permit as well as a COVID-Safe plan with me at all times.


1. Ensure physical distancing

All meetings with clients will be held over the phone or teleconference such as Skype/Zoom

Photographer to stay at least 1.5m apart from clients during photoshoots

Only members of the same household (max 5) can be photographed together.

All transactional activity will be undertaken online where practical (invoice/contract signing)

2. Wear a face covering

A face mask will be worn at all times whilst photographing clients unless facial expressions need to be seen and conveyed to clients for the purpose of a particular pose.

Photographer to use a new or cleaned facemask before every shoot

Unless a lawful exception applies, all people over the age of 12 will wear a face mask and only remove that face mask for the duration of the photograph.


3. Practice good hygiene

Carry hand sanitiser and having it made available to clients on photo shoots

Ensuring extra hand washing & sanitising is adhered to before, during and after shoots

All equipment being used for a shoot is cleaned prior to being used and after

Clients are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment – including loading in/out.

Photographer will no longer be able to assist in taking photos using another person’s camera or phone.


4. Record keeping and act quickly is someone becomes unwell

Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell

Keep all records of photographer job movements/client details

Record keeping of key personnel such as other suppliers if needed to contact

In the event that I become unwell up to 14 days after the event, I will contact the clients and suppliers and inform them that I am going for testing and awaiting results. I will advise them of results. I will also contact Worksafe Victoria on 132360 and all contact details of clients will be provided. 

The importance of not attending / rescheduling if unwell will be enforced and this is applicable to both the client and the photographer.

Any exposure to a person with coronavirus will result in the closure of this business until it is declared safe to reopen by authorities.

In the event that a client comes into contact with a person with coronavirus they shall notify the photographer immediately and I will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative result.


5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

All photoshoots to take place in a public space outdoors

In home or workplace photo viewings are currently not in use and I am using online proofing systems.


6. Create workforce bubbles

Not applicable

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